Jordan and Nathan and crew

Jordan and Nathan founded Emerald Edges Oklahoma (formerly J & Nate’s Landscape) in the summer of 2021 after working odd jobs and realizing they wanted to do better for themselves and their families. This is their story.

After high school graduation, they worked several jobs. Jordan worked in construction in Seattle, and Nathan worked at a nursing home. Both of them worked in landscaping for local companies and also at a car detail shop. It took just one day in the freezing “tunnel” of a detail shop to convince the guys that they wanted to do something different.

They sat down one evening over a pizza and compared notes, talked about the different jobs they were working and which ones they both enjoyed the most. Jordan and Nathan both agreed that working outdoors, and landscaping in particular is where they both hand the most positive feedback and felt most successful.

So they contacted their friends in the industry, an accountant, and a local business coach for help.

Since then, they’ve worked together to build a business that takes care of its customers, is professional, and takes pride in it’s work.

We truly appreciate all of our customers and hope to continue serving you for years to come!

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